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Club of 50


The 'Club of 50' contains members, former members, friends, family and business relaions of Obvius that financially support the club with a donation of 50 euro. These small amounts seem petty cash, but they do have a substantial impact for Obvius regarding budgetting. 

The money that gets collected from the Club of 50 will be reinvested sustainably. That means that the money will be spent on (for example) better facilities and resources for the members, instead of discounts on beer or cheap parties. The board publishes a yearly-based plan of approach concerning those aforementioned investments.

One donation will give you a membership of the Club of 50 for one year. And to thank you, we will put your name on the Club of 50 board to honour that. Besides, every Club of 50 will be invited to participate in the yearly family-tournament or the former-member tournament, however due to the global pandemic these activities might not be happening.

For any questions, please mail to:

Become a member of the club of 50 now at this link