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Open Feest (Smashed)


Dear Obvii,
It is finally possible to go out and party until late in the night, so we want to make use of this! That is why we will be organizing a party on Friday, April 1. This year we will be shining in Stadsherberg de Mol in Delft with the following theme: ‘Light Up Your World’.

Obvii can buy a ticket for 6 euros on the site via "Activities". Non Obvii can buy a ticket for 7 euros using the following form: . Tickets will be available until 23-02, so make sure to get one while you still can!

It is also possible to buy a mystery glow-in-the-dark box for only €4! This box will contain a couple of attributes that will make sure that you shine brighter than everyone else during the party on Friday, April 1. This box can be picked up somewhere in Delft in the week before the party (more information on this later). It is going to be a spectacular night so be sure to bring all of your housemates and friends! See you then!