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Sponsorship opportunities

D.S.T.V. Obvius is a sportive, young, and most important open association for students, mostly from TU Delft. With almost 600 members, Obvius is one of the largest sports associations in the technical student city.

Multiple committees organise sports and other fun activities for members of the association such as drinks, the club championship, and an Obvius skiing trip. The Obvius open tournament, the trip to Roland Garros, and the competition exchange are examples of events where also other associations are present.

Your company and D.S.T.V. Obvius have much to offer each other. Are you looking for a talented technician or is a (tennis)association an exciting addition to your network? Feel free to contact to discuss the sponsorship opportunities or to brainstorm another possible way to work together. 


Kiara den Bak

Kiara den Bak


  • Najaarscompetitie 2024 // Autumn Competition 2024

    14 September until 13 October