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At Obvius, tennis is the most important. We have trainingsessions every week but in addition, there is a lot more. We also organise tournaments, clinics and competitions.

Every week there are sessions at every level. The sessions are on Monday and Tuesday evening. Every member that enrolled for the sessions has 1 session per week during the whole year. More information about the trainingsessions can be found here.

D.S.T.V. Obvius participates every year in the fall and spring competition from the KNLTB. There are teams at every level. More information about the competitions can be found here. 

The beastmode is a tennisclinic from a famous tennisplayer (mostly from the Netherlands). He or she will give a clinic about a specific part of the tennisplay. Usually, there are four beastmodes per year. 

From October through March, Obvius plays a ladder competition. Every two weeks you are pitted against a fellow Obvii. Whoever wins goes up the ladder, whoever loses goes down. More information about the ladder competition can be found here.

Club championship
The club championship is held once per year. On the side of the tennis, there are also other activities like a pubquiz.

Open tournament
The open tournament is the official tournament organised by Obvius. Players from other tennis associations can join this tournament as well. Also during this tournament, there are other activities going on. More information about the open tournament can be found here.

Delftse Derby
During the Delftse Derby, members from Obvius battle against members from Tenniphil, our tennis sister from Delft. The Derby is organised over four Wednesdays during the end of the year. 

Competition exchange
To prepare for the spring competition, a weekend tournament is organised together with other student tennnis associations. This year our tennis sisters T.C. Ludica (Enschede) and STB (Breda) will come to Delft in april for this tournament.

Play in your free time
If you are in possession of a X membership, you can always decide to reserve a court and play for free. This will not cost you any extra money. 


Raphaël van Gennip

Raphaël van Gennip

Luc Nederstigt

Luc Nederstigt

Christina Wong-A-Tjong

Christina Wong-A-Tjong


  • Voorjaarscompetitie 2024 // Spring Competition 2024

    in progress until 09 June

  • Trainingen Q4 // Training Q4

    in progress until 25 June