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Open Tournaments

Underneath are presented the links for the tournaments of our sister associations and closeby associations!

Sister associations

Closeby associations

Tenniphil (registration deadline: June 12)

DTB (registration deadline: June 11)

TAM (registration deadline: June 24)

Tanthof (registration deadline: June 10)

Fellenoord (registration deadline: June 25)

't Loo (registration deadline: July 1)

Qravel (registration deadline: August 2)

Berkenrode (registration deadline: July 17)

Chip & Charge (registration deadline: July 22)

Hodenpijl (registration deadline: July 7)

Slow (registration deadline: August 20)

Te Werve (registration deadline: July 29)

Veracket (registration deadline: August 16)

Delftse Hout (registration deadline: July 29)

Ludica (registration deadline: August 20)

Stennis (registration deadline: September 9)


No birthdays today


  • Trainingen Q2 // Training Q2

    in progress until 30 January

  • Beerpongborrel

    today from 8:00 PM until 11:59 PM